We started our endeavor by implementing a modern system with ERP elements, aimed to organize and improve the quality of work in the office of one of the largest taxi companies in Bulgaria. Over time, the product has evolved so much that now it covers and enhances all the processes in a taxi company. To date, our product in the service of the taxi business includes not only the mandatory for this type of business modules such as automatic distribution of orders by different methods (by area, by nearest available vehicle, mixed), GPS tracking, messages, location history, orders via mobile, taking orders from a driver dashboard, etc., but also more modern functionalities such as:

– Audio and video chat between drivers and dispatchers in real time;
– Taxi button;
– Smart PBX call-management system with automated voice messages, automated inquiries for car number and time of arrival, the ability to automatically place or reject an order by dialing a phone key;
– Remote work support for dispatchers;
– Electronic vouchers;
– Panic button;

We always strive to provide our customers with quick solutions to current business cases, as well as ideas for development in relation to current trends in IT. We are glad that our experience in the field, as well as the principle of always using the latest technology in our software products, allow us to be flexible, as fast as possible and creative in solving any case.

Our taxi software system has quickly become a large-scale ERP product, consisting of constantly interconnected components – each with different modules, references and functions. Thanks to our products, our customers have complete control! Real-time reports, electronic documents, online orders, complaint system, electronic vouchers, car tracking, dispatch system with mobile application for drivers – these are just some of the features that we have already successfully implemented.

We are fully aware that time is one of the most important factors for the successful existence and development of any taxi company. That is why we pay special attention to each of our clients with quality and timely support. Among our strengths is the quick response to a technical problem or the need to add new functionality to the system.