TAXI MANAGER – A full-stack system for taxi companies

Take full control!

It is possible with Taxi Manager! Lightning-gast reports in real time, uncompromising organization of the office work, e-documents, a dedicated system for complaints and praises, real-time GPS tracking of your cars, e-vouchers, taxi button, mobile app for drivers, for clients, Viber integration and many more! The system consists of three main components, always connected to one another – Office Manager, ADS Manager and mobile app for drivers. Additionally, we developed two more products – the Taxi Button and the mobile app for clients, running on both Android OS and iOS.

ERP system "Taxi Office Manager"

The office part of Taxi Manager aims to eliminate all the obstacles your office employees are facing on a daily basis. Replace all the unnecessary paperwork with easy-to-use searches through digital tables via custom filters and just one  click of the mouse! Improve the quality of your services by utilizing the “Signal” module – a system for praises and complaints with full history and real time relation to the drivers’ and cars’ database. Keep track of all the expiring documents and get notifications 2 weeks before their expiration date. Provide your corporate clients with the opportunity to use electronic vouchers! No more paperwork! You can achieve these favors and a lot more by using Taxi Manager and its modules:

– Module Drivers
– Module Cars
– Module Signals
– Module Documents
– Module Tasks
– Module E-vouchers
– Full integration with the ADS system and the mobile application for drivers
– Different access levels
– High-level security and data protection

CRM and dispatching system "Taxi ADS Manager"

Provide order, productivity and quality customer service in your dispatching center! Taxi ADS Manager

Ensure order, productivity and quality customer service in your dispatching center! Taxi ADS Manager simplifies and optimizes the workload of your dispatchers, which resonates in more completed taxi orders, more satisfied customers and more work for the drivers. The ADS part of the program consists of:

– Own address database allowing the dispatchers to add and edit addresses, position GPS coordinates towards the pinned address automatically or manually
– Own customer phone numbers database
– Module Taxi Orders
– Additional Description fields for orders and clients
– Latest locations function
– Multiple cars orders
– Exact time (deferred) orders
– Multifunctional screen “Order Reports” – gives you full control over the life cycle of each order
– Module Messages
– Module Stops
– Online orders – website integration
– Full integration with the office system, the Taxi Button and the mobile applications
– Different access levels

Mobile application for drivers - "T-Man Mobile"

The drivers receive order suggestions immediately after loggin into the system. The addresses are distributed according to real-time GPS coordinates. The order is firstly presented to the nearest and free driver, then the parameter of the search starts growing gradually. Features:

– Easy and convenient interface
– Statuses Free/Busy, Working/Not Working
– High-level security accress – triple authorization
– Time needed to arrive options
– Address visualization, destination, descriptions, order details (standard/deferred orders, voucher payment, POS terminal required, etc.)
– Order distribution according to GPS coordinates – to the nearest driver, without regions or queues (though these two features are possible as well)
– Automated SMS notifications to the customer
– Order alert settings
– Messages function in real time – predefined messages and free text
– Nightmode
– Reports – Orders completed, Sent/Received messages, etc.
– Full integration with the office system, the ADS system, the Taxi Button and the mobile app for clients
– Assistance with testing and buying the hardware if needed
– Works great on both tablets and smartphones