Corporate IT Analysis

To prepare your corporate IT analysis, we research the business market of your IT area and the solutions used to support it. Then we offer a strategic corporate solution, according to your specific needs - providing the most up-to-date information (strutured), the expected development of your company and the business environment, showing you the right tools to achieve the best possible results. Our wide range of software products provides more flexible solutions and better control in all aspects of your business activity. The Corporate IT analysis, which Business Solutions Ltd. provides, is a refined method for delivering information, ensuring custom reports for the specific need of our customers and leads to proven good results.

ERP Software Development

The ERP systems are the highest software class encompassing the largest part of business processes in the company. Such systems are often tailored by the specific needs of the customer and they not only make the everyday workflow of the employees, but also provide managers with an overall look and controll over what is happening in the company. The integration process of an ERP system is always a two-sided process. By choosing our ERP solutions and complete business systems, you save time, money and nerves! Our software product provide modern tools for optimizing the internal organization in your company, full control over the business processes in real time, specific reports, high level of data and access security.

Trainings and Support

The software integration is complete after the employees in the office receive the proper instructions, to be effectively able to use the newly integrated technology. Thus we provide custom trainings and materials for the employees in your office. We offer two ways for geting familiar with the functionalities of the system - user manual and guide and/or demonstrations and trainings with our specialists. We provide 24/7 live support. In case of a problem or bug, we react immediately and it usually takes us up to 1 hour after receiving the signal to come up with a solution or plan. We provide timely and secure account management, settings and modifications in terms of access levels, specific settings according to the constantly evolving needs of the company and the dynamic market conditions.


Our systems are modern, flexible, and most of them are based in the cloud. We collocate your data on powerful next-gen servers in the most modern data center in Bulgaria, along with the servers of Google and other technological leaders. You receive 24/7 access to your data, without any installation, just by using your web browser on all available operating systems (MS Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux, etc.) and on any device: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, professinoal warehouse mobile devices, etc. The connection to the servers is encrypted, password protected and the access can be limited to a certain IP range. The users of our systems have different access levels and different permissions. Our programs are distributed both as end products or as SaaS (Software as a Service).