Manage your real estate with ease!

With Real Estate Manager, you manage and maintain your real estate in real time. Documents, inventory, upcoming payments, debts, profiles of potential buyers and tenants, tracking current users’ actions, and more – you can track all this remotely on your smartphone or tablet.

ERP System "Real Estate Manager"

Real Estate Manager is a complete real estate business management solution that can effortlessly track the actual status of an object with its lease, overheads, rental income. You can track down payments, communicate with clients and tenants, issue and store documents. The system has a property description module, a mobile application connects REM to your smart phone or tablet, the real estate pricing, or rents can be made automatically. The online customer and partner platform makes it easy for the customers and speeds up successful deals.

Real Estate Manager is your reliable and secure tool in building, selling and maintaining your residential or office building. With its help, you can manage all processes regarding of sale of your property – customer relationships, brokers, stages and payment schemes (under legal Acts 14, 15, 16), automatic contract generation and automatic reminders for important events via SMS or e-mail.