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Mobile applications developed by Business Solutions Ltd

The mobile apps we develop enable real-time connections between merchants, employees and sales. No matter where you are, you can access the management system you work with and perform operations.

Among the greatest benefits of our mobile applications is that they provide the opportunity to fully integrate the application management software you use, completing it in different ways:

– Real-time tracking of the exact time of a customer request and time of delivery to a customer, increasing the control and quality of the service you provide;
– Notification of new requests received to your employee’s mobile device
– Ability to work with barcode stickers;
– Creating documents directly from your mobile device;
– Full compatibility of the system with mobile printers and scanners;
– Ability to track the exact location of distributors, couriers, drivers and other employees at any time;
– Connect your system to an online module where your customers can create and track their queries;
– Automatically issue and distribute electronic invoices and documents to your customers;
– Analyze and track customer payments and payables.