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Put everything in order! Save money and time! Enjoy new and more satisfied customers! Logistic Manager gives you the convenience of exercising complete control over your business in real time, even remotely!

"Logistic Manager" ERP system

Logistic Manager is an integrated ERP & CRM system for management of transport and logistics activities.

Its interactive interface is extremely easy to operate, while providing a high degree of functionality in terms of planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling all work processes accompanying the life cycle of the services offered – from calling a new customer and the recording of the order in the database, through its distribution by the dispatcher, until its delivery to the client, as well as the documents generation and invoicing.

Logistic Manager enables integration with all systems and software products used by the company so far. The system guarantees more reliable planning of business processes between departments. Significantly facilitates both internal communication and communication with customers and partners.
In this sense, Logistic Manager is a complete solution for efficient and effective management of processes and resources, including materials, people, warehouses, fixed assets and equipment throughout the organization, financial flows, etc., thus ensuring better customer service.


Advantages of the integrated Logistic Manager system:

– Facilitates the management decision-making process by generating real-time reports
– Increases the degree of control over business processes
– Improves planning
– Optimizes communication and work organization
– Provides clear, accurate and timely operational information

Main functionalities of Logistic Manager:

– Monitoring of shipments and orders
– Tracking the location of vehicles and personnel
– Preparation of routes, monitoring and reporting of fuel costs
– Loading plans creation
– Real-time monitoring of activities and events
– Comprehensive reporting and analysis of the profitability and efficiency of work processes
– Staff schedule
– Inventory control option
– Electronic bills directly from the driver’s mobile device
– Full system compatibility with mobile printers and scanning devices
– Online module, where your customers can create and track their orders
– Automatic issuance and distribution of electronic invoices and documents to your customers
– Analysis and monitoring of payments and obligations