For several years now we have been working successfully with large and small travel agencies from all over the world. Our experience in the field of tourism helps us understand the problems and challenges facing the modern management of hotels and hotel chains.

Our software projects for the hotel industry aim at covering all aspects of the business in the industry through the opportunities provided by modern technology and the Internet connectivity. Our goal is to save time and money on the Management, to make work easier and more systematic for the employees, and at the same time to provide technological opportunities for better service to visitors. The era of communications we live in allows for constant connectivity and real-time interaction not only with people, but also with the Internet of Things. With a few taps on your smartphone, your customers will be able to order a meal, report a malfunction, request additional service, reserve spa treatments or a tennis court for the next day, benefit from an individual promotion or call a taxi safely without worrying about being cheated.

Our systems combine both the functionality of a well-developed website and the benefits of a powerful booking and administration system. Our products have modules for managing online reservations, creating individual and promotional offers, custom pricing, real estate management, room monitoring, event management, service management, rating system and many more.