Smart AI - always online!

Business Solutions’ Digital Assistant is widely available, always on line, “armed” with predefined questions and possible answers. The virtual employee will save both the time of your customers and your Support staff who will be able to focus on more complicated cases and pay more attention to them.


Digital communication has become a part of our everyday life:

– Facebook Messenger is used by over 1 billion users worldwide!
– Over 3 million Bulgarians exchange messages on Viber every day!
– On a daily basis, messages sent over Viber exceed 1 million!

Recently, IT has tended to develop applications and systems with artificial intelligence, driven by the need for businesses to provide a fast and convenient way to communicate with their customers. More and more companies are now relying on different types of software to improve service quality and manage to deliver customer-driven information without the intervention of an operator. In advanced countries, first-level support is fully automated – artificial intelligence is used in banks, hotels, airports, restaurants, and more.

We at Business Solutions Ltd. believe that it is not necessary to waste time and capacity on servicing trivial issues such as “Which office of yours is the closest to my current location?”, etc. For this and other similar scenarios, we created the Digital Assistant solution – a tool for full automation of first-level support.


Digital Assistant is a product that communicates directly with your customers. Interaction is accomplished through artificial intelligence, installed on an already familiar and widely used messaging application such as Facebook Messenger, Viber or Skype.

The built-in Artificial Intelligence in the program is capable of:
– adjusting to your specific needs and preferences;
– serving your customers faster than usual;
– talking to an unlimited number of customers simultaneously;
– communicating in real-time without delay;
– presenting your current promotions;
– conducting queries to study client attitudes;
– connecting to the GPS location and the camera of the customer device;
– serving as a powerful marketing tool;
– informing your customers about the availability of special offers or individual offers;
– storing logs and records of any conversation that can be integrated into your CRM system;
– providing a modern and high-tech experience for the custmoer;
– eliminating the need for a direct phone call in case of a trivial problem;
– connecting the customer to a real employee, if necessary.


– Find the closest office / bank branch according to the customer’s current location;
– Find the nearest ATM or terminal;
– Information about office hours and service availability;
– Activate navigation – how to get to the nearest office, branch, ATM;
– Provide information about ongoing special offers and promotions;
– Provide information about the current exchange rate, tariff plan, contract status, etc.;
– Help in case of a lost bank card, service problem, order status check, etc.;
– Present detailed information about the services provided by the company;
– Additional specific issues.