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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the demo?

Up to 24 hours after you fill the form, our representative will contact you to get familiar with your business needs and the challenges your company is facing. If necessary, you will then arrange a meeting to further discuss the specifics of your business processes and problems. The next stage is creating a free personalized demo on a test server, to which you will get a temporary access.

Is the demo free?

Yes. The demo is completely free and by testing our products, you are in no way obliged to buy any of them.

Do you have any previous experience?

Yes. We operate on the IT market for more than 10 years now. We have integrated IT solutions for customer relationship management, business resources, mobile systems, complete ERP systems for courier business management, software products for taxi companies and more. We have delivered software solutions for big company names such as  Agro Finance ADSIC, Toplivo Gas AD, Hill Clinic, BMW, Avery Dennison, Kronos Recovery Management, OK Supertrans AD.

How long does the integration process take?

The integration period depends on various factors such as the client’s specific demands, technical infrastructure, communication, collaboration, testing, etc. Usually the integration of a complete software solution takes between 3 and 12 months.

How much does the integration cost?

Prices differ according to the software type and your specific demands for setting up. Usually our clients pay a one-time installation tax and a fixed monthly subscription fee.

What do I receive in exchange of my money?

You receive an individually tailored IT solution with different business modules and functionalities, business processes analysis, employee training and active support according to your specific needs.

Is my and my business' data protected?

Yes. We provide high level security by encrypted connections and autorized-only access.

Do I have to hire new employees to work with the new system?

This is up to you. You can use your current human resource or hire new people. The products we provide have extremely easy and intuitive interfaces, which require minimum computer skills. Of course, the new system is expected to notably increase the productivity and business flow in your company, so at some point you may feel the need to reduce the number of employees or retrain them to fill the gaps in other branches.