Courier Manager – Complete ERP for Courier Business


With Courier Manager you know what happens to each shipment at any given time! The system tracks both the physical location of the shipment and its status – from creating a request, through the billing process, loading and unloading in the warehouse, transport, redistribution between drivers, groupings and more.


We have a fully functional base program with different modules. However, we realize that each individual business has its own specifics and we are guided by this when designing a system for a new customer. In our solutions, the specific needs of the client are always decisive, ie the final product is always a consequence of our joint work as partners. Depending on the needs of your company we can adjust the system so that it is fully consistent with your business model and requirements.

Client Platform

With our client platform, your customers can create and track their shipments and documents. Your customers access the platform by means of a username and password provided by you. The online platform:

– Saves time;
– Provides your customers with their own virtual space;
– Organizes your relationships with contractors;
– Facilitates the exchange of documents;
– Provides automated, quality and flawless service without human intervention;
– Supports the ability to add messages – ticket system or live chat with your employee or chat-bot.


Detailed reports and numerous functionalities of the system allow you to:
– Accelerate and facilitate the work processes in the company;
– Track the movement of each package in details;
– Control your employees and cars;
– Reduce your costs significantly;
– Gain new customers and partners;
– Easily manage discounts and individual price lists;
– Easier to organize all documents and accounting;
– Make real-time inquiries even from mobile devices.

Works on Mobile Devices

The system is mobile-friendly. You can easily operate on tablets and smart phones, if you already have them, or with specialized industrial shockproof devices with barcode readers.

You can check each report on your smartphone while traveling or waiting for your plane, for example. In the age of mobile communications and modern technology, distances don’t matter. All of our systems use state-of-the-art software tools.