New customers, quality support, full control!

CONTACT MANAGER is a complete customer management solution that integrates all communication channels into your company. Establish complete control of your company’s processes in real-time! Run large-scale marketing campaigns and surveys! Create convenience for both your customers and your sales team!

CRM system "Contact Manager"

With Contact Manager, you create and manage customer profiles, track information and communication processes such as e-mail messages, incoming and outgoing calls, phone call records, web site or client portal form entries, or even manually entered data. All operations and inquiries happen in real time, and since Contact Manager is a web-based solution, you can access the system wherever you are, using a mobile device, for example.

Main functionalities

– Manage a large database of customer contacts and information;
– Organize relationships with active, inactive or potential clients;
– Make real-time report inquiries – orders made, chronology of e-mail calls and messages, delivery status and location;
– Execute large-scale marketing campaigns – the system supports composing and sending group mails to specified user groups;
– Make phone calls with one click using a built-in PBX;
– Store documents for each customer – receipts, orders, images;
– Create and track tasks in real time;
– Organize appointments and set reminders for important events;
– Access the system at any time – the product is web-based;
– Ability to record calls.