Clinic ERP

No more paperwork in your clinic!

Clinic ERP covers all processes running on the patient-employee-doctor-patient-administration line. Easily create schedules for doctors, electronic patient records, keep track of the full chronology of reviews and research. Connect the system to a PBX to serve your patients even better!


Clinic ERP is a software system for managing examinations, client queries, drafting and storing documents, tracking payments, making real-time reports, and more. We create a basic database of physicians and patients in the clinic, with the ability to continually improve and optimize it in the future in the face of ongoing business changes.

Powerful administrative software can be connected to a PBX that communicates with the database on every incoming and outgoing call. This way, your employees can check a patient’s real-time dossier while talking to him / her, as well as provide additional information or plan examinations on a pre-established schedule.

The main function of CLINIC ERP is to cover all processes running on the patient-employee-doctor-patient-administration line. With the help of the program, you can easily control information flows and communication between patients and doctors. The system is web-based, that is, you can access it wherever you are, using a mobile device, for example. The security of your data is guaranteed through different levels of access, encryption, access from predefined workstations (limited by IP address). The system is fully compatible with mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, specialized devices with barcode readers.

Each action in the Clinic ERP is recorded and stored, allowing for easy reference, chronology check, documentation, listening to recorded conversations, checking virtual cards, diagnosis, treatment courses, etc.

Main Features:

– Bulgarian interface;
– Different levels of access;
– Create and manage detailed patient profiles;
– Detailed description of every patient, including documents, diagnoses, personal data, photos, examination history and communication, expiration dates of documents, additional information, etc.;
– Support the upload of graphic images, such as photos, scanned documents, etc.;
– Detailed description of every doctor;
– Manage processes in the different branches and offices by the centralized information system;
– Remote access on different devices;
– Filters for specific search and reports in real time;
– Follow pay schemes, health tests, treatment courses;
– Statistics by pre-entered parameters;
– Secutiry ensured by different access levels, encryption, limited access from predefined workstations restricted to a certain IP range;
– Options for upgrades and additional customization;
– Clear, transparent and easy -to-use system;
– Well-organized and always available information;
– Access in real time to a dynamic database with patients, practitioners, examinations, calls, documents;
– Higher efficiency of communication;
– Easier management of big data in less time;
– Full control over work and access on all levels;
– Build and store data massives for even more detailed statistics and reports;
– Helps you deliver better quality of service.