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About the company

We are a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience in the fields of design, programming and development of software systems and online projects. The business solutions we develop prepare our customers for the challenges of the global market and its constant evolving. We have experience in developing and integrating a large number of enterprise resource management systems across different countries and market segments.

The success we have among our clients is due to mutual effort and understanding, as well as the desire and professionalism we believe is necessary to create any specialized and customized software solution.

In the dynamically changing business environment, we are committed to providing you with support and offering you services that will improve your business performance, because your success is also our success!

    We know how to develop software to serve and assist the business of our clients!

    Our principles

    • Develop our services by the latest technology trends.
    • Offer good quality at competitive prices.
    • Work in partnership with our customers to ensure maximum product performance for their business.
    • Deliver services that are fully customized according to our customers’ needs and requirements.
    • Provide our customers with leading technology solutions for their industry.
    • Provide support, enhancement and customization of our services in line with the evolving market.
    • Develop our business solutions to maximize revenue for our customers, contribute to savings, and guarantee secure access to business information in real time.
    • The success of our software is measured by the successful business process of our customers!
    • We strive to provoke change rather than follow it – the challenge of the modern market.

    We have developed:

    • Dispatching systems
    • Spedialized courier software
    • Taxi Service ERP-s
    • Real Estate Management systems
    • CRM and Business Software for clinics and hospitals
    • Web pages and portals
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • Online shops
    • Tourism and booking systems
    • Systems for management of customer relations
    • Financial modules and statistics
    • Billilng systems

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