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We at Business Solutions Ltd. believe that to achieve high results and productivity, companies need modern tools for optimization and automatization of the business processes. We offer solutions for companies of different branches - Couriers, Spedition, Logistics, Distribution, Taxi Services, Healthcare, Tourism.

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Our Complete Solutions include Modules for:

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The ERP systems are the highest software class encompassing the largest part of business processes in the company. Such systems are often tailored by the specific needs of the customer and they not only make the everyday workflow of the employees, but also provide managers with an overall look and controll over what is happening in the company. The integration process of an ERP system is always a two-sided process.

BPM (Business Process Management)

BPM is all about managing business processes in the company and is an important part of each Complete system. BPM makes workflow easier and keeps track of it branch by branch. Therefor it is neccessary to implement clear and straightforward workflow methods, understandable and consistent screens according to the business logic of a certain process, real-time control by reports, graphic charts, rankings, forecasts, tasks, etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM stands for modules and elements that manage the relationship of a certain company with its current and future customers. CRM automates and integrates key functions such as sales, internal and external communication, support, marketing, customer profiling, etc. The CRM systems are mandatory for each sales team. They can either be a standalone software, or part of a bigger Complete ERP system.

BI (Business Intelligence)

BI is that part of the business software, average employees do not have access to. It is a network of specific reports and filters for information analysis by asking questions (requests) and receiving answers (results). BI exploits the network of the different databases, combining results to satisfy even the most specific report demands of the Management.

According to most Bulgarian CEOs, the main goal of investing in specialized business software is to achieve operational efficiency.

- CIO Magazine Research

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